"Alcoholism is a disease. But it's the only disease you can get yelled at for having. You n

That brilliant quote is from Mitch Hedberg, one of my all time favorite comedians.

Sadly, this disease claimed Mitch's life in 2005. He knew his demons but he wasn't ready to face them. Other comedians used to stage interventions for Mitch in order to get him to stop using heroin. He was so incredibly talented; I imagine he got yelled at quite a bit for his inability to stop using heroin. Why he chose the name "Otto" to make his point, we'll never know. In my opinion, it just shows how funny he was. When I was drinking and using, people who didn't know any better would hip me to their brilliant plan: "You need to learn moderation." Eureka! Is THAT the answer? Please excuse my sarcasm--it's one of those character defects I refuse to part with. Especially when it helps me make a point: if I could moderate my drug and alcohol use, then I would be neither an addict nor an alcoholic. I'd probably be blogging about something completely different. Like weekend wine tasting, or whatever it is that normal people do. The very thing that makes me an alcoholic and an addict is that once I put any chemicals in body, I lose control. My favorite way of looking at it is that it's an allergy; when I drink alcohol, I break out in drugs. For me it's all or nothing.

I still have friends who party. I've had lots of people talk to me because they get worried about their consumption. When I see someone who feels regret for tying one on, still shows up for the their responsibilities and is able to put a few months between their last and next "lost weekend," I've always been quick to diagnose them as normal or non-addict. The thing is, as great of a chemist as I thought I was, I am not a professional diagnoser. I realize that "diagnoser" is not a word and I'm working on getting that changed to suit my purposes. If you would like to look at the questions you should ask to determine whether or not you're an addict, then follow this link , and here's the Episode where we discuss it on the show. To hear me talking to Erin and Angie on The Bitch Talk Podcast (which is an awesome podcast and you should check it out), then here ya go. The conversation turned to John Stamos, as conversations do. What it boils down to is this. I've ruined my life time and time again trying to control my drinking and drugging. The only the thing that works for me, is total abstinence and a program of recovery. Speaking of which, I'm off to my women's meeting right now. Love, Dayna

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