It's not uncommon to require outside help when you're in recovery...

So why do we beat ourselves up over it? There are many reasons why addicts and alcoholics drink and use. Here are some common ones: losing our job, losing our kids, death of a loved one, the weather is bad, the weather is good, there's a hair in our brush or lack thereof.

The truth is that we drink and use because we are addicts and alcoholics. Many of us use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate; to better handle our emotions and our pain. This is one of the reasons why most recovering people have what's referred to as arrested development. We stop growing emotionally when we start drinking and using. So once we finally get sober, we have a lot of growing up to do. We have to face the issues that we've spent a lifetime running away from. Some of us discover that we have a chemical imbalance that is either hereditary, or something brought about from the havoc we wreaked on our bodies. It doesn't really matter how it happened; it's a problem and we must take action. The best piece of advice I can give in this situation, is to seek medical help. Find a doctor and, most importantly, be 100% honest about who we are. I've known people who have gone to a doctor to get on antidepressants, completely omitted the fact they are recovering alcoholics and ended up relapsing over the fact that the medication they were given was wrong. I suppose the moral of this story is don't lie. That's kind of the moral of our recovery too. Just a thought. Join the conversation with Michael D and myself on outside help. It's something that we both have had to deal with and we hope having this open conversation can help someone else. Love, Dayna

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