"If you hang out in the barber shop, you're going to get a haircut..."

That's what "they" say. But what do "they" know? I like to test things out. Maybe it's my rebellious nature, but whenever I hear about something I shouldn't do, I need to try it. For example, when someone tells me about about something bad happening to them as a direct result of a decision they made, my first thought is that I can do that same thing and yield different results. People always say that if a clean and sober addict starts hanging around with people who drink and use, they will end up drinking and using. Well I just spent the last year and a half living in Sonoma. Most of the people in Sonoma would be intervened upon if they lived in any other city. They would be called alcoholics. But in Sonoma you aren't so much an alcoholic as you are someone who "likes wine." Strangely, Sonoma has some of the best AA I've ever experienced. I hear people say that they haven't been to hear live music since they've been sober; that they associate concerts with getting loaded. I guess I'm lucky in the sense that I don't associate music with getting loaded. More often, live music means people who would be upset with me if I showed up loaded. One of my favorite things to do is to attend a concert with someone who has never been to one sober, and show them how much fun life can be when you're not loaded. When I was in my disease, I didn't go to events to casually drink and have fun. I drank before I got there and continued drinking until I didn't remember anything. It makes my stomach turn when I think about having to gauge people's faces the next time I saw them, wondering if I had said something either terrible or insane to them the night before. I still hang out with people who drink sometimes. I try to limit my time around people who get hammered because, well...it's fucking annoying. I'm not sober because I stay away from alcohol. I'm sober because I work very hard to stay that way. Listen to this Episode with Michael D to hear our conversation about "slippery slopes" and all that jazz. I feel kind of lame for saying "all that jazz." And also for using so many quotes. I hope this is helpful to someone out there. Love, Dayna

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